At some point, you may have to accept that your dog is no longer able to manage stairs. ●     Cover stairs in carpeting. One of the most common issues in senior dogs, however, is moving upstairs. Dogs have an instinct to stay away from the unknown. Is it a bad idea to carry your dog upstairs once in a while? At some point, you may have to accept that your dog is no longer able to manage stairs. I am needing the same thing for 12-15 stairs. 8 Common Dog Paw Problems & How to Treat Them. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. The dog has a fear that he/she might be fall; that's why your dog is afraid. Do they act like they’re in pain if they take a step? Your email address will not be published. So back to your dog, those stairs are a just another big obstacle that he is naturally wary about. This day ran away with me. ●     Get PawFriction to prevent your dog from sliding. Sometimes, the problem can be something treatable. So, as the back legs start to weaken, your older dog might decide they don’t even want to bother with stairs anymore because it’s too much work or takes too much time. Your email address will not be published. This harness provides your dog … Short of lifting and carrying the dog up and down the stairs or lifting them into or out of the car all day long, here are some adjustments that can be made around the house to make your dog's … Let your elderly dog take their time when going up and down the stairs. Block off your stairs. It will be much harder to get rid of this habit than it will be to re-train them to lose their fear. You never want your pet to be in pain when climbing the stairs. You can also put a dog food on the stairs so your dog has motivation to go down stairs. These plans call for the steps to have a 9” riser and a 12” tread so we'll make our cut accordingly. The main two causes of this phobia, though, are trauma and lack of early exposure.. There’s no reason your dog still can’t go up and down the stairs with a little help from you! In many cases, your dog can be treated for back issues. My dog got to a point where we thought he was afraid to go down the stairs because he would stand at the top, look down and then turn around. Unfortunately, these stairs are common outside of people’s homes, especially on porches. my dog is 12 yrs old and has really bad hips and cannot do stairs and my apt. This might mean that you need to restrict your dog’s access to other parts of the home for a while, or carry them up and down stairs if this can be done safely for both you and the dog! If your dog seems hesitant going up or down stairs, the best thing you can do is try to figure out why. Why does my dog sleep with its head on my neck? ; Harness: If you have a larger dog, a harness to carry your dog … I have looked into stairlifts but these are for humans and still provide a problem getting on and off them. That can become exhausting for you and your family quickly. I wish I could install tiny stairs at our house. If you don’t continue to carry them each time they whine, it could become louder and stronger, and they may not stop until you finally carry them up. Did you have a ramp built? These products are easy to use and will make your dog much more comfortable on their ascent up the stairs and back down again: The solutions and products listed above should only be used if your dog is in pain going up the stairs or absolutely cannot do it on their own. building's elevator is down right now and wont be repaired for a couple of days. My dad's house has tiny stairs … Why Does My Dog Bark at Strangers on Walks? Aging dogs are like aging humans– they begin to have mobility problems. We didn’t want to buy a gate that … This can be a time-consuming process and takes a lot of patience. It can take a lot of work for dogs to find their balance and feeling uneasy while looking down a long flight of stairs can make almost any dog feel anxious. If you’ve had a dog for several years and he’s showing signs of hesitation on the stairs, there could be several potential reasons: If you do need to re-train your dog to take the stairs, then you should do it one step at a time – literally. But, you could be teaching a bad habit that will become hard to break. Of course no one wants to do that. Instead of trying to force your dog up or down the stairs in any way, use one of the suggestions listed in this guide. This can also happen the opposite way, too. Learned Behavior. Other times, they might need pain management treatment. I set up Pet Carrier Verdict to provide a website brimming with pet carrier and health advice you can trust. You can also help your dog to regain some mobility in their back legs by taking them to a specialist. On top of that, consider that dogs are not used to using their paws to walk up and down steps as most of the world they have encountered so far was always flat, therefore, they might not realize exactly how they must use their feet to climb and descend a flight of stairs. Thankfully, those issues usually go away with time and a little rest. We have the same issue with an older Aussie. Problems like arthritis can affect senior dogs and make it feel impossible for them to get up the stairs. If they can’t figure out what the outcome is going to be, they usually choose to avoid it. Physical therapists for dogs exist, and they can be a big help in strengthening joints and muscles. You can then start looking at different solutions to get your dog mobilized on the staircase once again. He was way too big to carry, so we tried leashing him. Look at a potential back issue within your dog. With aging, it’s important to note that weakness in the hindquarters may not completely go away despite efforts to strengthen them. I think a ramp is your best chance; I’m not super worried about the steepness but you would need to make it very non-slip. Or, try one of the products that can make it easier on you and less stressful for your canine companion. Some owners think they can ‘train’ their dog by pulling them up or down the stairs with a leash. This guide will cover the reasons why dogs may stop going up and down stairs all of a sudden. If they have suddenly become fearful, comfort them as much as possible and let them re-learn the ins and outs of a staircase on their own time. I hat did you line it with? Some dogs won’t go down stairs anymore due to age, illness, and fear. We sometimes recommend products we love. Once a dog has learnt to climb and descend stairs… If you’ve ever been on a walk with your pup when a bout of stubbornness comes on, you know exactly what this action is. Why is My Dog Lethargic and Not Eating or Drinking? As stated above, when a dog is sitting at the bottom of a staircase, think about what they might see. Before long, they’re running up and down the staircase faster than anyone else in the house. Assist or guide your dog going down stairs. If your dog has joint problems due to arthritis or the natural aging process, then giving them Turmeric Curcumin for Dogs could help to improve their mobility. Encouragement is critical, and it also works as positive reinforcement for your pup. It takes time to heal, but a dog who has had back problems treated should eventually be able to go up and down stairs again with minimal problems. Or, if they can, your dog’s back may never be as strong as it once was. If you don’t want to put your dog through physical therapy or give them medications, some products can help. If your dog acts like it hurts going upstairs, never try to force them to make the trip. Thinking about getting a carpenter to make a carpeted ramp. A dog who doesn’t want to go up the stairs might start to whine, and it can be easy to give into that whining and carry them up. With larger dogs, though, you’ll find it much easier to try to break the fear habit. Wanted to share this way to help your aging or injured dog use the stairs with some support from you. How to Choose the Perfect Pet Carrier for Your Dog, My dog won’t pee! If the dog has injured their spine, … … Ramps can be handy for getting in and out of a vehicle, moving up steps, or even getting onto a bed or couch. A fear of the unknown is common in most dogs, which is why we introduce things to them one step at a time as puppies. Persistent and patient coaxing and rewards may help. Install Ramps. Many Thanks ,Chrissie. But, what about a dog who has never been afraid of the stairs until recently? You may need to find ways to adapt so they can continue to get from room to room as they please. There are options for smaller dogs that can make it easy to carry them or transport them up the stairs. As your dog’s owner, you should be able to get a good idea of how your dog feels when they’re at the top or bottom of a staircase. D ogs need stairs or steps for a number of reasons.Some dogs need pet stairs to help their injured backs or limbs, or to avoid injury altogether. A pet physiotherapist may have your dog do strengthening exercises in-office or show you some exercises that can be done at home. 0 0. dogger. If your dog has gone up and down stairs confidently since they were a puppy, it can be hard to see them struggling with the stairs all of a sudden.

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