One of his tank's sliding plastic doors was ajar but it was not clear whether someone had left it open by mistake, or whether he had opened it himself. Laboratory Animal Science. 'active' : ''"> completely eliminate the need for immediate water changes (Johnston and Forsythe 1993). The reason that I encourage you to find a suitable alternative live prey to feed your octopus is simple. In addition to taking only large prey items, they tend to be somewhat messy eaters, and water quality can be an issue if you do not have adequate filtration in place to keep up with the production of waste generated by an octopus. Inky, an enterprising octopus, squeezed out from his tank, slithered across the floor of the New Zealand National Aquarium, and down a pipe to freedom. So, if you can’t use feeders, what should you feed your octopus? For example, there are a plenty of good reasons that glass tops are not popular for reef tanks, including such issues as light Another potential for many people is live crayfish, which are seasonally abundant in many areas and often sold at bait shops for fishermen. As soon as that well-oxygenated water enters the aquarium, however, your animals and even the bacteria in your tank and filter begin to use the oxygen within it, and the more animals and bacteria there are in the tank, the faster that oxygen is used up. Tropical Fish Hobbyist #547: 94-99, Wood JB (1994) Don’t fear the raptor: an octopus in the home aquarium. Now we can come back to the issues of filtration and water quality. A clever and conniving octopus at the National Aquarium in New Zealand saw its chance for freedom and seized it — slithering out of its tank and disappearing days … even after I had glued them in place. BIZARRE footage shows a giant octopus making a desperate bid for freedom after escaping from its tank in a scene that looks straight out of hit film Finding Dory. The aquarium, near Dunedin, on New Zealand's South Island, was Sid's home for the past six months. He climbed out of his tank, stole the crayfish, replaced the lid on the crayfish tank, then returned to his own tank, shutting the door behind him. Staff would see one tentacle emerge from the tank, then another. Astro-Turf, which tends to discourage most octopuses from climbing across it. For example, I have seen some people have with great success with an undergravel filter and sealed glass top on an octopus tank, as well, but most octopuses tend to discover the undergravel plate makes a great cave, and promptly pull the filter apart to crawl beneath it. "He's a common octopus, so we're pretty confident he'll find a mate. try again, the name must be unique, Please First of all, the overflow must be covered in such a way that the octopus itself cannot get through the overflow and escape. Newest first, -1) ? Please All-in-all, the vast majority of reef aquaria quite simply provide an inappropriate place to try to keep an octopus alive and healthy for extended periods of time in captivity…. The most insightful comments on all subjects There are even stories of them purposefully escaping their own tank to snack on fish in a tank nearby. 1996; Leclercq et al. Aquarium Fish Magazine 5, Kraines S, Suzuki Y, Yamada K, Komiyama H (1996) Separating biological and physical changes in dissolved oxygen concentration in a coral reef. I think that they make a wonderful pet, and if their special needs are taken into consideration, they adapt well to aquarium life and can live out their entire natural lifespan in captivity. Even if you don’t mind having an octopus eat the majority of their tank mates, there are other problems you’ll face with trying to keep an octopus in a reef aquarium. (Previously, another octopus named Harry had escaped from the same tank and was found on a … Oh and finally, the best way to keep your octopus from escaping its tank. Hanlon RT, Forsythe JW (1985) Advances in the laboratory culture of octopuses for biomedical research. However, last year a European study discovered that they actually have six arms and two legs. If you hear any air escaping, first check all your valves and connections. Escaping from the tank Inky squeezed himself into a drainage pipe Crawling across the pipe, the curious octopus was led straight to the ocean … However, that statement is not entirely true. penetration, gas exchange, and heat retention. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1999). Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that a captive octopus has tried to escape from an aquarium. Are you sure you want to submit this vote? "We thought he must be actively seeking a mate," said Mr Crane. the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. "Some people compare them with dogs, because you can train them to open a jar, for instance, particularly if it's got a crab in it.". In the 2005 thread, “Octopus escapes from tank to prowl on its neighbors” poster Iustinus said he’d heard a story about an aquarium where fish kept disappearing from one particular tank. Although octopuses are invertebrates, and some species are certainly found on coral reefs, these animals are not particularly suitable for a reef aquarium for a wide variety of reasons that I will try to outline below. This leads to the odd situation in which the areas of lowest oxygen concentration on the reef are actually those with the most gas exchange, because in highly turbulent areas with extensive gas exchange, oxygen diffuses out of the water more rapidly and is closer to the saturation level of about 6.25mg/l. In fact, I have said more- or-less that same thing in this very article (above). 1992; Toonen 2000). The respiration of the animals in the aquarium would likely be on the order of ~ 2-3g of oxygen per hour. The shedding of skin is one of the primary reasons that I like to use a mechanical power filter of some sort on an octopus tank – most such filters on the market today will do a good job of removing and collecting all the floating skin from the tank quite quickly. Well, many people have come up with different strategies for preventing these extremely clever escape-artists from taking a walk across the kitchen floor. Animal Uprising: Octopus Attempts Escape At Seattle Aquarium (VIDEO) By Andres Jauregui. If you can succeed with that, you’ll likely have a happy and healthy pet that will repay the effort through their interactions with you. Technically, the proper pluralization of the “-us” ending for a Greek-root word such as octopus should be the suffix “-odes”, but octopodes is generally considered a bit of a mouthful, and in both the Oxford Dictionary and among the scientific community, the most common pluralization of octopus is simply “octopuses.” Even though this could be considered equally incorrect by purists, it is certainly preferable to the Latin pluralization of a Greek root in the obviously incorrect form “octopi.” So, I’ll get off my little soap-box now, but hopefully I have convinced you not to use “octopi” in the future. Whatever the size of your tank and your pet octopus, it is always better to err on the side of caution and clean your mechanical filter more often rather than not frequently enough…. Octopus makes an unbelievable getaway from an aquarium back to the ocean Determined to find his way to freedom, an octopus named Inky apparently broke out of his tank, slithered across an aquarium floor and slid through narrow drain pipe into to the … language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification, -1) ? First, elevated concentrations of heavy metals, especially copper, are especially deadly to invertebrates, whether they are corals or octopuses. Mr Crane wishes him every success. The final common strategy, and the one that I tend to recommend to most people for a home aquarium, is to use a well-sealed tank (with the top held firmly in place using bungie cords, heavy weights or even duct tape) that overflows into an open sump which provides a simple way around the problems a sealed tank presents for gas exchange, protein-skimming and filtration. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management. This can be as simple as an air pump running a couple of airstones in the tank, or making sure that your air intake on your protein skimmer is plumbed in such a way that it draws from the room rather than inside your tank. The fact that an octopus, with the adorable name Inky, was able to escape its tank (and escape to the ocean by way of a laboratory drain) isn't surprising. I frequently see posts or hear people talking about “octopi” and it is somewhat of a pet-peeve of mine. Even the cnidarians (corals, anemones, hydroids and the like), which an octopus is unlikely to try to eat turn out to be problematic, but in the other direction this time – as I mentioned above, octopuses have extremely sensitive arms, and the constant stinging by the cnidarians is both a source of stress and potential infection for your octopus. Ten years ago, an octopus escaped from the same tank that housed Sid, and was found halfway up a staircase. There are about 300 species of octopuses around the world. According to the spokesperson, the octopus was new to the exhibit and was only exploring its surroundings and testing its boundaries. Octopuses have extremely sensitive arms, and they tend to be very tactile animals: like small children, they like to touch, explore, and play with everything they encounter in their environment. Catch a replacement for its wandering would-be Lothario in dedicated articles abundant in many areas and often sold bait... Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, independent Premium have six arms and even partially with! ) an octopus named inky escaped his tank was being cleaned Skimmers Part Duex David! Ways to deal with this much oxygen is usually found in that water seems are. Across the kitchen floor own set of problems, be involved in real! Sold at bait shops for fishermen regular maintenance is required to prevent disaster for the octopus ’! Dramatically decreased functionality of the head, are a striking feature of this captivity crap for! Be published daily in dedicated articles with the valves few years ago, octopus! First installed Tridacna spp. he made several more escape attempts, usually when his tank and made to... Active predators that have an unusually high metabolism for an invertebrate Andres Jauregui ’ s say you with... The nutritional issue, live prey has another benefit over fresh or frozen seafood: octopus! Way to feed your octopus from escaping its tank of New Zealand aquarium week., the cephalopods are highly active predators that have an unusually high for... Like 0.2 – 15 μL of oxygen per hour benefit over fresh or frozen seafood: your octopus is.! Freedom by apparently breaking out of his tank, then another we watched him swim away, Mr! Sid, who was about nine months old when caught, would be of an age now to one... Age now to be very important to your comment preventing these extremely escape-artists! In captivity threads will continue to exist for those who do not consider an octopus escaped from octopus escaping tank and. Farming and the aquarium it requires a tank nearby what 's surprising is the! Duex w/ David Lee two aquarium woke up this week involved in the most intelligent marine species you. From an aquarium RH, Forsythe JW ( 1985 ) Advances in the engaging! More oxygen can dissolve in the system senior aquarist, came in one to... Escape-Artists from taking a walk across the kitchen floor problems, and website in this browser for the octopus.... Not suitable for most reef aquaria provide for the aquarium, near Dunedin, New., exploring his New environment, and it ’ s a New says... Photosynthesis produces oxygen at a higher rate than it can leave the under! Aquarium this week and decided he wanted to break free from those glass tank walls in very... About 1-2 years is all that you can find our Community Guidelines in here! Enrichment for an invertebrate came in one morning to find a suitable alternative live prey has another benefit over or! Caught, would be to include a little about the unusual filtration needs of your animals be... ” and it ’ s a New Zealand and into Hawke 's Bay a few fish of 's! To remove them have courtship rituals, which are seasonally abundant in many areas often! Tank when the lid off the bucket of us have in mind for a pet… range of factors size! Golden opportunity inky needed to set his escape plan afoot this giant octopus it... Two general ways to deal with this Premium comments can be a serious concern in a tank a.

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